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What I do is probably different than what you would expect and definitely different than other real estate agents and investors. Yes, I am a REALTOR®, but I do more than most of our clients expect, including... Listening Before Speaking: It's important that I understand your situation and your goals before I know how I can help. There are A LOT of ways I can help families and frankly, I don't care how I help, just that I do help. Helping Families Transition: Whether you or a family member need a rental, long-term care, you are downsizing or you are upgrading I'll make sure to understand the situation first then take action to make the transition easier for all involved. 1. Selling Houses FAST: I sometimes buy houses and I work with many local investors who are always willing to pay cash and closing costs for the right deal. They can close as quickly as you're comfortable with. 2. Getting Houses Empty & Clean: My team can sell personal property at auction or tag sale then donate what's left so it doesn't just go to the landfill. Once empty my cleaners come through to do the rest. 3 .Getting Houses Sold for Top Dollar: This one I do as a REALTOR®. I have a proven system for selling homes for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Sometimes that's easy and other times it requires some work from my contractors. Either way I make sure I understand YOUR goals then provide options for YOU to choose from. Oh, by the way...I must back that up to get paid you know! 4. Preserving Wealth: This can mean anything from simply buying stocks to investing in a whole life policy to an entire financial plan that will help you build wealth and avoid future probate. My certified Financial Planners and CPAs will take a look at your goals and present you with options you probably never even considered.

Certified Probate Specialist
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I've helped many families that were just overwhelmed with the Probate process that I've decided to offer my service to everyone. Now I periodically pull court data and reach out to Executors to see if I can help them like I did my other clients. If you are representing an estate,I'd like reach out to see if there is any way I can help make this easier for you.

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Often, a Probate Real Estate sale has the added pressure of needing to be accomplished within a specific time frame to provide for the needs of a surviving spouse or other heirs. The listing price and the necessary marketing to be done needs to be mindful of this desired end objective and in many probate situations, that isn’t always "sell for as much as possible and wait for the right offer". I provide specialized services by not just listing and selling the Real Estate, but also by: Helping the Personal Representative determine the best listing price based on their objectives and my keen insight into local market values. Helping to line up trade contractors that may be needed to fix any deferred maintenance issues that will payback more than their cost in the final selling price. Securing Estate Sellers to help them sell any unneeded personal belongings. When necessary, providing a cash investor to buy the property in any condition and close fast .

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Although this may be a difficult time for your family, I simply want to let you know that I am here and ready to help you. My name is Roger Owens, I am a Probate Solutions expert, proudly serving Clark County. I understand the stress & complexity associated with your responsibilities.

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Roger Owens

Company: Signature Real Estate Group
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For more than a decade Roger Owens has been serving the Las Vegas community with the highest quality white-glove concierge style real estate services available. By limiting the number of active clients, Roger can provide this unmatched service as a single point of contact, creating a one-on-one dynamic relationship with direct accountability to meet your needs. He is highly sought after and has worked countless families, entrepreneurs and investors. Roger has built a top-notch team of service pros and advisors capable of providing the highest level of service possible. Contact Roger today.

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Certifide Probate Specialist
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